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I need to enter a complex string for handling (UTC time code) and breaking down as part of an assignment. I have started the function like this as required:

def convertWmiDateTime(wmiDateTime):

But when I enter this:


The variable wmiDateTime stores 2.0061122186e+13

If I use raw_input the value 20061122185433.000000+600 will be stored correctly in wmiDateTime, but not when its called as intended above.

Is there a way to preserve what was typed into the input? A way to stop Pythong calculating and simplifying the number? vb. net would be something like (wmiDateTime As String) is there anything like that for Python?

Thanks for looking.

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Using quotation marks around the UTC code works great. Not sure if that's what the assessors want but I cant see any other way so far. –  user2400647 May 20 '13 at 6:43

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Your function requires a string as its input parameter. You can't call it with a number (as you're doing).

raw_input() returns a string, so the equivalent would be to call


Your version treats the time code as a floating point number which a) doesn't have the required precision to preserve all the digits and b) will get the timezone info (+600) added, which leads to wrong results as well.

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I think he/she is looking for a way of creating a string representation of a number which becomes simplified i.e something like "{0}".format(20061122185433.000000+600) which doesn't work but gives a sense of what he/she is trying to achieve. –  HennyH May 20 '13 at 6:38

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