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Do any of the major open source ESBs such as Mule or ServiceMix properly support web service transaction specifications (like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WS-Atomic_Transaction)?

I've just briefly looked but it seems like support is not very good.

I would like to use the ESB to build macro services by composing from modular smaller services. I think this would be a pretty typical use of an ESB, and I don't see how you can implement anything practical if you don't have transactions.

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WS Atomic Transaction is not in the list of supported WS-standards for Mule, so no luck here.

In term of design, the "transaction over SOAP" paradigm never really took off. Approaches likes stateful conversations with idempotent retries and compensations is usually what people prefer when integrating services over HTTP. It sure is more work than simply flipping the "transaction" switch on.

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