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My project is running in TFS Online (visualstudio.com) and at one moment a bunch of tests failed on TFS. Usually in such situations it was possible to reproduce the fail on my local machine, see the errors and fix them. (Well, almost always it just never got to server because of the 'run tests on build' feature).

But this time all the tests work fine on my machine, but some of them fail on TFS. And I need to see the errors of my tests on the server. But it seems there're no place in UI of hosted TFS to show that errors.

Here's what I can see: «98/110 test(s) passed, 12 failed, 0 inconclusive» and the list of the failed tests: «Failed Given_VocabularyGrownEnough_When_AnalyzeGoals_Then_GoalsAchievedAndLessonEnded, Failed When_AnalyzeGoalsAndVocabularyGrownNotEnough_Then_Nothing, ...»

Does anyone know how to dig somewhere into TFS hosted and get the test logs or at least the Assert's error messages?

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This is a great question. Team Foundation Service does not display these often important Assert messages within failed tests in the browser. After reading your question I went through every diagnostic and log option in Team Foundation Service pages and confirmed one still cannot view failed test assert messages.

Browser Build Summary

There is good news however, within Visual Studio you get the same assert message support you have with on-premise TFS. I imagine they'll address this soon.

VisualStudio Build Summary

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