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I have a variable CGFloat x in my view controller. I created a frame with this variable:


When x is changed, I want the value of frame to also change without any manual updating. How can I do that?

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CGFloat is not mutable (it's not even a real object as it decomposes to a primitive type). There is no point to make a "deep copy" of it. The question likely goes something like: "How can I make a CGRect that dynamically changes (based on a variable)?" –  user2246674 May 20 '13 at 7:43

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There is no way to 'deep copy' a CGFloat, since CGFloat is a primitive type, not an object. Additionally, CGRect is a struct, not an object, so it consists of 4 CGFloats stored one after the other. Not references to CGFloats, but the raw values themselves.

However, if you declare x as a property of your view controller:

@property CGFloat x;

Then you can override the setter of x to update the value of your frame:

- (void)setX:(CGFloat)x {
    _x = x;
    self.myFrame = CGRectMake(x, x, x * 4, x * 4);

In this way, every time you change x using self.x = whatever, the setter method will be called and your frame will be updated.

This is basically the safest and most reliable way to do this, as long as you remember to only set x by self.x = whatever, if you set the underlying ivar _x directly, the setter will not be called and the frame won't update.

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thank you for your answer. but if there are around 50 uiviews with different frames, then how can we set frame for each? –  manujmv May 20 '13 at 8:45
Have an array of all your UIViews and loop through it to set the frame for each one. –  PartiallyFinite May 20 '13 at 9:34

You can't make a copy of Immutable data.So you can't make a copy CGFloat.But if you wanna change your frame in that case you need to set your frame in setter method of X property.

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