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I'm using Eclipse 3.6 for developing Eclipse plug-in. In the same workspace, I have 2 Plug-in projects: projA and projB. No mater which project was run, both two projects will be loaded in the new Eclipse instance. If I only want to load projA, I have to close projB, why? I run the project like this: right click the project and "Run as--- Eclipse Application".

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Have you defined the target platfom?

You can also edit your Run Configuration and choose the plugins to launch with.

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Yes. RunConfigurations--Plug-ins---Launch with "plug-in selected below only". thx. –  user2400825 May 21 '13 at 6:03

The way you debug your project will start a new instance of Eclipse with all existing plugins installed(in your case,both project A and B are installed).This is typically called self-hosting in PDE.
If project A has no dependent package,just close other projects.

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