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This is a duplicate of Generate scaladoc for root package, however the Answer does not state where sbt doc looks for the rootdoc.txt.

I added

 scalacOptions in doc ++= Seq("-doc-root-content", "rootdoc.txt")

to my build.sbt, but sbt doc does not seem to scan it. I tried to put it next to the build.sbt, in src, src/main, src/main/scala

I am using sbt 0.12.3

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It seems that your arguments are not given to scaladocat all. I cannot figure out why the command line arguments are not passed when scoping to doc, but it works if you do not scope it to docbut to Compile:

 scalacOptions in Compile ++= Seq("-doc-root-content", "rootdoc.txt")

With rootdoc.txtat the root of your project.

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you should use an abolute file path:

scalacOptions in doc <++= baseDirectory map { d =>
  Seq("-doc-root-content", d / "rootdoc.txt" getPath)

this will make scaladoc look for rootdoc.txt in the root of the project, aka next to build.sbt

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Thanks for the fast reply, but it does not work. I have a rootdoc.txt next to my build.sbt and ran sbt clean doc. My target/scala-2.10/api/index.html just shows an empty package with package org –  Manuel Schmidt May 21 '13 at 16:35

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