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I an facing an issue with the Facebook SDK POST action when posting a very basic message on my page which is linked to my Twitter account. I have tried to solve the issue by myself using Google and StackOverflow, but I didn't manage to find a fix.

The issue is the following:

When I post a message with the SDK:

  • It appears in the page and is visibe by myself
  • It appears in the page also for other Facebook user
  • It appears in the Facebook Feed
  • but the message is not transmitted to my Twitter account

When it post something "manually" it is correctly sent to my Twitter account. The issue only appears when using the SDK. Hereafter you can find my code and the context of my request:

  • I am using a PHP script on my personal desktop (WAMP server).
  • The attachement is very very basic: 'message' => "Hello dear followers!"
  • The application used to post is not in sandbox mode.
  • Your app detail page has not yet been submitted for review.
  • The message appears as public on the page and is indeed visible by other users.
  • When I post manually the exact same message, it is correctly sent to Twitter.

Can you help me with this issue? Many thanks and all the best.

$appid = *(hidden)*;
$appsecret =  *(hidden)*;
$pageId=  *(hidden)*;
$facebook = new Facebook(array('appId' => $appid,'secret' => $appsecret,'cookie' => false));
$user = $facebook->getUser();



        $page_info = $facebook->api("/$pageId?fields=access_token");

        if (!empty($page_info['access_token'])){

            $attachment = array(

            'access_token' => $page_info['access_token'],
            'message' => "Hello dear followers!",
            'actions' => json_encode(array('name' => $action_name,'link' => $action_link))


            $status = $facebook->api("/$pageId/feed", "post", $attachment);



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Hello, I found the way to solve it. It is because of the special action item: 'actions' => json_encode(array('name' => $action_name,'link' => $action_link)) I removed this specificity and the message was transmitted to Twitter. –  user2398360 May 20 '13 at 8:55
Could you post your comment as an answer and accept it? –  j0k May 20 '13 at 9:02

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The issue appears because of the special action item:

'actions' => json_encode(array('name' => $action_name,'link' => $action_link)) 

Removing this specificity the message is transmitted to Twitter, successfully.

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