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This quetsion has been ask al lot, but however I tried I get always a 404 page in WP

I have a templatepage (wp-content/themes/responsivewizzard.php cals: wizzard. -> I Added a page in the admin sector. The name of the page = "tespage". The template I choose is "wizzard" When in try example.com/wp/testpage -> I get my wizzard page. No worries.. but..

I like to add a subpage to my wizzardpage. For example: example.com/wp/testpage/nice

When i try this I get a 404 page from WP

I added this code to my function.php file. This file is in wp-content/themes/responsive directory -> my default theme

function members_rewrite_rules()
  add_rewrite_rule('testpage /(.+)/?$', 'index.php?pagename=testpage &subpage=$matches[1]', 'top');
add_action( 'init', 'members_rewrite_rules' );

function members_query_vars($query_vars)
  $query_vars[] = 'subpage';
  return $query_vars;
add_filter('query_vars', 'members_query_vars');

Please help me

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I found out the soulution. You need to reset the permalinks in the setting menu..

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