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in Angular i've got the following factory:

.factory('User', function($resource){
    return $resource(
        {},//Params defaults
            'save': {method: 'POST', isArray: true }
    ) ;

And in my controller I try to save a new resource like so:

    $scope.newUser = new User() ;

    $scope.newUser.name = $scope.newUserForm.name ;
    $scope.newUser.email = $scope.newUserForm.email ;

    $scope.newUser.$save() ;

I get an array back from the server looking like that:

[ {id: 12, username: "adfsdf", email: "sadfsf@sdf.com" } ]

But somehow I still get and error in the console:

TypeError: Object # has no method 'push'

Any idea where I'm missing something?


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It looks like the response from the server is an object, not an array - are you sure the response is [ {id: 12, username: "adfsdf", email: "sadfsf@sdf.com" } ]? –  joakimbl May 20 '13 at 9:05

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Seems to me, that your User-Resource at the client is not an array and thats why it is missing the push-method.

'save': {method: 'POST', isArray: true }  //<---- You say it is an array.

$scope.newUser = new User() ; <-- create it

$scope.newUser.name = $scope.newUserForm.name ; <--- put data into it
$scope.newUser.email = $scope.newUserForm.email 

Now user looks like:


So it is no array. When your Server responds, angular trys to push the answer into that "array" but matter of fact, it is not an array.

So I would recommend to leave "isArray:true" out, because one User is not an Array. There is not a collection of Users.

I don't know, how angular responds to your server response, when it is presented array-style, just try it.

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