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I'm trying to connect to FB using django-allauth. Earlier I went with the oauth method and it was working fine, get all the access tokens. But now, I'm trying to run with js_sdk, but cant figure the problem here.


{ 'facebook':
    { 'SCOPE': ['email', 'publish_stream','user_birthday'],
      'AUTH_PARAMS': { 'auth_type': 'reauthenticate' },
      'METHOD': 'js_sdk' ,
      'LOCALE_FUNC': lambda request: 'en_US'}}


   {% load socialaccount %}  
   {% providers_media_js %}
   <a href ="{% provider_login_url "facebook" method="js_sdk" %}">Facebook connect</a>

On clicking the Fb connect link, nothing happens as it tries to make a call to javacript:FB_login(''), which doesn't work.

Any help on this would be great. Thanks!

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Did you override the default allauth templates? If so, please make sure that you add the following to your login template:

{% load socialaccount %}
{% providers_media_js %}

In the default templates, this happens here:


The tag adds the required Javascript (if any) for the enabled providers.

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Placement is important. It's recommended to include this right after your < body > tag.

{% load socialaccount %}
{% providers_media_js %}

To slim down to barebones settings for testing, you could also try this:

        'SCOPE': ['email', 'publish_stream'],
        'METHOD': 'js_sdk',
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