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Has anyone created a website with MLS search/listing functionality?
Currently, brain storming how something like this is done and would like to see how others have implemented this.

Any advice is appreciated.
Thank You. (in ASP.NET 3.5)

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As Dave said, the MLS "system" is very much "local" and as I discovered myself, a shambles with no agreed standard. When you say local, where are you talking about? In California, you can use the ezRETS ODBC driver:

Check out the CRT Center for Realtor Technology:

Hope this is of use :-)

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MLS is fragmented and local, there is no one uber-MLS to rule them all nationwide. Contact your local market MLS provider and ask them for rates on a subscription to their database, if they offer one. A local Realtor would have the contacts to get you in the door. If you're looking to provide national listings, the aforementioned fragmentation makes this a tall order.

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Just a local MLS is needed. – T.T.T. Nov 3 '09 at 1:41

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