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I'm trying to implement a application that stream video from my webcam via rtsp. I've done with part that encode from webcam to h264 video.

I'm trying to use live555 as streaming server, but I can't find any good examples or documentation to use it. Also the code don't have much commends.

Can anyone give some? Or other library good for that purpose.

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Check out this mailing list post and its reply (from 2005!): lists.live555.com/pipermail/live-devel/2005-September/… involving extending the DeviceSource class (live555.com/liveMedia/doxygen/html/classDeviceSource.html). –  Ahmed Fasih Sep 10 '13 at 14:27

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You can find a low-latency RTSP server that capture an H264 stream from V4L2 interface from the GitHub project h264_v4l2_rtspserver.

From your application that capture the webcam and encode frames using H264 encoder, it is not difficult to post it to the RTSP streamer.

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I'm trying to do something similar in that I want to stream input taken from a camera and encoded using a DSP Processor. I'm having trouble writing a device source that would serve my purpose. Is there any way I can contact you for help. –  Shehryar Jan 28 at 6:14
You probably need a thread that activate a trigger in order to signal to live555 mainloop that a new frame should be send. If you post a question, I will try to answer it. –  mpromonet Feb 1 at 8:59
Please have a look at: stackoverflow.com/questions/28042716/… . I'll be grateful. –  Shehryar Feb 1 at 9:04

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