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I get the following error when compiling my app.

warning: class 'ConfigureViewController' does not implement the 'MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate' protocol

I know that it means I have to implement the delegate in the Controller. i.e @interface ConfigureViewController : UIViewController <MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate>

However, my current controller already has a delegate implementation for <UITextFieldDelegate> i.e @interface ConfigureViewController : UIViewController <UITextFieldDelegate>

How do I go around this issue?

Thanks, Tee

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Just separate them by a comma: <MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate, UITextFieldDelegate>

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One can implement multiple protocols by specifying multiple protocols in the class declaration.

In this case, in order to implement both MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate and UITextFieldDelegate, the class declaration would be:

@interface ConfigureViewController : UIViewController < UITextFieldDelegate, MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate >
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Uh oh, that's easier than I thought. Thanks coobird –  teepusink Nov 3 '09 at 2:24

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