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Is there any idiomatic way of converting Clojure list into Java array, other than first converting it to vector and using into-array (means, something other than (into-array (vec my-list)), as I don't want additional overhead)?

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Your question seems to be based on a false premise. into-array does not need to take a vector, it takes a seqable value. The documentation ( ) contains examples of using into-array on a non-vector sequence:

user=> (into-array (range 4))
#<Integer[] [Ljava.lang.Integer;@63d6dc46>

user=> (type (range 4))

user=> (doc range)
([] [end] [start end] [start end step])
  Returns a lazy seq of nums from start (inclusive) to end
  (exclusive), by step, where start defaults to 0, step to 1, and end
  to infinity.

Calling it on a list works just as well:

user=> (into-array (list 1 2 3))
#<Long[] [Ljava.lang.Long;@138297fe>
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As I needed to have specifically an integer array, I used int-array function, which takes list as a parameter.

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int-array being for a Java array of primitive ints, in the same way that float-array will return a Java array of primitive floats. – Chris Murphy Dec 10 '15 at 15:51

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