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I've about 50 or so files in various sub-directories that I'd like to push to a remote server. I figured rsync would be able to do this for me using the --include-from option. Without the --exclude="*" option, all the files in the directory are being synced, with the option, no files are.

rsync -avP -e ssh --include-from=deploy/rsync_include.txt --exclude=* ./ root@ --dry-run

I'm running it as dry initially and is obviously replaced by the IP of the remote server. The contents of rsync_include.txt is a new line separated list of relative paths to the files I want to upload.

Is there a better way of doing this that is escaping me on a Monday morning?

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You might have an easier time, if you're looking for a specific list of files, putting them directly on the command line instead:

# rsync -avP -e ssh `cat deploy/rsync_include.txt` root@

This is assuming, however, that your list isn't so long that the command line length will be a problem and that the rsync_include.txt file contains just real paths (i.e. no comments, and no regexps).

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