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I don't use Win+F built-in action to open file explorer with search panel, so I would like to use this shortcut in "Sublime Text 2" specifying shortcut action with its internal key binding mechanism.

I tried this:


but it just disables Win+F, "Sublime Text 2" can't use it, then I tried this:

if WinActive("ahk_class PX_WINDOW_CLASS")
   Send {LWin down}{f}{LWin Up}

but now just in "Sublime Text 2" Win+F opens explorer.

Can someone help? Thanks

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...how to make Win+F available for Sublime?

As a way:

#If, WinActive("ahk_class PX_WINDOW_CLASS")
   #vk46:: ; win+f as "toggle_side_bar" command
      Send, {CtrlDown}{vk4B}{vk42}{CtrlUp} ; ctrldn+k+b+ctrlup
      KeyWait, vk46
;~ #If ; if has any hotkey/s below...


; ...
; //{ "keys": ["f3"], "command": "find_next" },
; { "keys": ["super+`"], "command": "find_next" },
; ...

   Send, % WinActive("ahk_class PX_WINDOW_CLASS") ? "#{vkC0}":""
   KeyWait, vk46
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Thank You, cooool :) it is working :) but in fact I would like to send to Sublime the same hotkey #f or #vk46, and to disable #f globaly, so I makeover: #vk46:: if WinActive("ahk_class PX_WINDOW_CLASS") { Send, {LWin Down}{vk46}{LWin Up} KeyWait, vk46 } Return I have got #f globaly disabled, but in Sublime #f opens windows file explorer and don't trigger Sublime's command, in my User\Default (Windows).sublime-keymap is { "keys": ["super+f"], "command": "show_panel", "args": {"panel": "incremental_find", "reverse":false} } –  Petras May 21 '13 at 10:52
Petras wrote: "...in fact I would like to send to Sublime the same hotkey #f or #vk46, and to disable #f globaly..." "I have got #f globaly disabled..." Since you will not be able to use the native key combination Win + F (it's just not possible), you can use a similar combination (binding in any *.sublime-keymap file) such as Win + Tilde, and so on. I have edited the code above. –  Grey May 22 '13 at 12:40
Thank You very much :) comprehensively and clearly –  Petras May 23 '13 at 9:31

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