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I am trying to plot a set of points in r by "plot" command, I would like to sub group them by colour. E.x. I have 9 points the first three points in to red, the next three points into blue , ...

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you just have to provide a vector of the respective colors

plot(1:9, 1:9, col = c(rep("black", 3), rep("blue", 3), rep("red", 3)))

Altough under normal circumstances you shouldn't do this manually, creating the vector of colours according to a grouping variable instead.

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Thanks, I was wondering if possible for you to describe the second solution for the normal circumstances also? –  Rozita Akrami May 20 '13 at 11:14
well @RozitaAkrami, you would have to describe your problem in more detail first and give a sample of your data –  adibender May 20 '13 at 11:18

Without more detailed requirements, sample code and some example data it'll be difficult to determine exactly what you're looking for, but perhaps the col parameter for qplot is what you need.

# load required library.

# create some data.frame with numbers and colours.
p <- data.frame(x=1:9, y=1:9, c=rep(c("red","blue","green"), each=3))

# plot.
qplot(x, y, col=c, data=p)

Hope that helps.

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