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Since there is not offical reference,I got only one tutorial gpcasm.zip .But when I try to follow the tut and try the inline assembly example on my debian.The gpc was not happy with it.

gnu_asm.pas : In procedure 'MyStupidDelay':
gnu_asm.pas:3: error : can't find a register in class AREG while reloading asm

Here is the code

program gnu_asm;
Procedure MyStupidDelay(time : integer);
 Asm("0 : pushl $0xfffff
   1 : decl(%%esp)
     jnz 1b
    addl $0x4, %%esp
    decl %%eax
    jnz 0b"
    : "a" (time)
    : "eax" );

 write("only for test");

Another question,are there any other refernece, tutorials, examples on inline assembly in gnu pascal.


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The problem may not be the pascal part but the assembler part.

See this for a similar problem.

For more info pls state your target machine and infos on the compile options.

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