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I am not understanding what am I doing wrong, kindly help me in pointing out. I am just giving here the input what i am trying do exactly in the program so that it's easy to understand. I have created 3 named pipes and writing the string "Hello, world!" to the 1st named pipe myfifo.example. Now I am reading the same named pipe and trying to copy the data to the 2nd named pipe cmyfifo11. This read and write is not happenning. It's not even printing lines (1) and (2). Can any body please correct me.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>

int main()
    int n, fd1, fd2;
    int pid,status;
    char    line[30]="Hello, world!\n";
    if (mkfifo("myfifo.example", 0660)<0)
        perror("Cannot create fifo");

    if (mkfifo("cmyfifo11", 0660)<0)
        perror("Cannot create fifo1");
    if (mkfifo("cmyfifo22", 0660)<0)
        perror("Cannot create fifo2");
    if((fd1= open("myfifo.example", O_RDWR))<0)
        perror("Cannot open fifo to write");  

    if ( (pid = fork()) < 0)
        perror("fork error");
    else if(pid==0){
        int z=write(fd1,line,strlen(line));
        printf("Write is done on myfifo.example\n");
        printf("CHILD PROCESS 1\n");
        printf("Value of fd2=%d\n",fd2);
            printf("Cannot open cmyfifo11\n");
        if((n=read(fd1,line,z))<0) /* Read and write is not happening */
            perror("Read error");
        printf("Value of n:%d with line %s\n",n);--->(1)
            int x=write(fd2,line,n);-------------->(2)


    else if(pid>0){ printf("Parent area with %d\n",getpid());sleep(300);}
    printf("Common area\n");

    return 0;

ouput is

Write is done on myfifo.example
Value of fd2=4
Parent area with 349
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You have a segmentation fault because you forgot to pass line to printf()

printf("Value of n:%d with line %s\n",n)

should be

printf("Value of n:%d with line %s\n",n, line);
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hey thanks a lot Alper,i was digging this thing from morning onwards,Thanks for pointing out.Its working fine now. –  Poorvi May 20 '13 at 12:05

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