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I am trying to use TFS PowerShell command line utility for getting changeset details after a certain date. I need the Check-in notes fields specifically CodeReviewer. I am able to get other fields correctly. But CodeReviewer is always blank. I have not accessed it correctly in this command. :(

Any pointers would be really helpful!

$tfsServerString = "server string"
$tfs = Get-TfsServer $tfsServerString
Get-TfsItemHistory $/folderPath -Server $tfs -Version "D15/04/13~" -includeitems `
        -Recurse  | 
    Select CreationDate, ChangeSetId, Committer, CodeReviewer, Comment `
        -exp WorkItems |
    Format-Table  CreationDate, ChangeSetId, Committer,CodeReviewer, `
        @{n='WorkId'; e={$_.Id}} , Comment -Wrap >
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Look at the "Fields" property, in this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/4463800/… –  TheOptimusPrimus Aug 16 '13 at 22:02

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