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Probably a noob question but I'm new to Rails and building my first app as a project to complete my apprenticeship.

I have four pages listing contact, account, billing plan and call information. Each have that standard edit, show and create functions.

I have a table that pulls information from FreeAgent using the API, It just lists basic information (price, due date etc.) I want to create another page so when the user clicks on the invoice they go to another page containing a PDF and more information.

So instead of the path being /accounts/'user id' I want it to be /accounts/'user id'/invoice

Do I need to create another controller or just define a new method in the accounts controller?

Cheers Arran

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I suggest you read the RoR Guide on Routing first, especially the section on nested resources.

Your routes in routes.rb probably look something like this:

resources :accounts
resources :invoices

The aforementioned guide will teach you that you should define the routes like this instead:

resources :accounts do
  resources :invoices

which will give you these routes

verb  route                               action
GET   /accounts/:account_id/invoices      index
GET   /accounts/:account_id/invoices/new  new
POST  /accounts/:account_id/invoices      create
GET   /accounts/:account_id/invoices/:id  show

and so on ...

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Okay, thank you – Arran Scott May 20 '13 at 11:35

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