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In my asp.net mvc 4 application i want to pass a parameter to partial view,however the parameter we want to pass is coming from javascript code

Below is the code

    var TestId;

 $(document).ready(function () {

        // Send an AJAX request       


                function (data) {

TestId= data.Id
//i am getting the id here which i need to pass in partial view



html code:

 <div id="tab1" >

 2)....      @{ Html.RenderAction("MyPartialView", "MyController", new { id = TestId });}

So let me know how can i pass the test id to my partial view :in HTML(2) code or in javascript (1)

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Use the below code in your javascript and Load your view from javascript function

var url = '@Url.Action("MyPartialView", "MyController")';
url += '/?Id=' + TestId ;

Put the below Code in your Controller

public ActionResult MyPartialView( int id )
    return Partial( "MyPartialView", id );

Hope this helps

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From this SO question:

Assuming your controller is called "MyController", your partial view is called "MyPartialView", and you create a controller method that accepts the Id parameter and returns the partial view:

public ActionResult GetPartialView( int id )
    return Partial( "MyPartialView", id );

You could then load the partial view using the below jQuery:

$('#tab1').load('/My/GetPartialView?id=' + TestId);
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View: At here we pass "category" parameter to the Controller with "admin" value

@{ Html.RenderAction("Menu", "Nav", new { category = "admin" }); }

Controller: At here we get "category" parameter's value

public PartialViewResult Menu(string category, string menu = null)
     IEnumerable<Menu> menus = repository.Menus
    .Select(x => x)
    .Where(x => (x.MenuCategory == category)
    .OrderBy(x => x.MenuSequence).ToList(); 
     return PartialView(menus);

Hope this helps.

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