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I have an instance where user try to log-in application (simple webpage). After successful log in, the application closes the current page and open a new webpage. Rest of the business operations start from there.

Till the point API clicks log-in button, everything goes fine. After log in (once the log in webpage closes and a new session gets opened), the API throws "Unable to find browser". This is true as the original driver instance has been closed by the application.

Is there a way to achieve these kind of scenarios using selenium, as they are very common now-a days in a typical business application.


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If you need to driver a different browser window or iframe, you need to use switchto. From the WebDriver faq:

Q: How do I handle pop up windows?

A: WebDriver offers the ability to cope with multiple windows. This is done by using the "WebDriver.switchTo().window()" method to switch to a window with a known name. If the name is not known, you can use "WebDriver.getWindowHandles()" to obtain a list of known windows. You may pass the handle to "switchTo().window()".

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You can also use switchTo to get into an iFrame but you may need to remember to switch back out of the iFrame if you do. –  djangofan May 20 '13 at 20:34

Thanks for the Answer. I did the below to achieve my query.

Execute a javascript to open a new window.

IJavaScriptExecutor jScript = driver as IJavaScriptExecutor; jScript.ExecuteScript("window.open()");

Switch to the newly opened window.

List<string> handles = driver.WindowHandles.ToList<string>(); driver.SwitchTo().Window(handles.Last());

Start the Navigate and Login operation on the new window

driver.Navigate().GoToUrl("Your website");

After login, the application will close the new window but the main driver window will still be alive.

Implement a simple SwitchTo() for the new window to start new business operations

List<string> handles = driver.WindowHandles.ToList<string>();
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