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I am calling this function on add button from my PHTML. On click of add button I want to show image of selected fruit in <div>.

   function moveoutid()
var sda = document.getElementById('availableFruits');
var len = sda.length;
var sda1 = document.getElementById('orderFruits');

for(var j=0; j<len; j++)
        var img1=document.createElement('img').src=baseUrl+"/img/"+sda.options[j].value+".jpg";

        var di=document.getElementById('d');

        var tmp = sda.options[j].text;
        var tmp1 = sda.options[j].value; 
        var y=document.createElement('option');


In this code I have created <img> tag and passing image path to src, to show selected image on web page. It is correctly taking path of images but it is not appending <img> tag and not displaying image on web page.

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do you have an element with id of 'd'? Your html might help here. –  Ed Hinchliffe May 20 '13 at 13:27
Try to change var img1=document.createElement('img').src=baseUrl+"/img/"+sda.options[j].value+".jp‌​g"; to var img1=document.createElement('img'); img.src=baseUrl+"/img/"+sda.options[j].value+".jpg";. –  Prusse May 20 '13 at 13:29

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Your problem is, most likely, in this line:

var img1=document.createElement('img').src=baseUrl+"/img/"+sda.options[j].value+".jpg";

This creates an element, assigns the src property to it and then assigns the value of this src property to variable img1. Instead, you should do this in two lines:

var img1 = document.createElement('img');
img1.src = baseUrl+"/img/"+sda.options[j].value+".jpg";
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