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I can do:

But how to debug nodeunit test using node inspector?

I tried, but not working:

  • nodeunit --debug myNodeUnitModule_test.js It's not working.
  • I tried to install nodebug. And used it like this: nodebug /usr/local/bin/nodeunit myNodeunit_test.js But it's not working neither on ubuntu (No such file or directory) nor on mac (env: node\r: No such file or directory)

Almost works node --debug /usr/local/bin/nodeunit ./routes/edit/bodyTelInfoArraysToObject_test.js

where /usr/local/bin/nodeunit is path taken by command which nodeunit

got output: debugger listening on port 5858 and test executed there.

But I can't jump in debuggin: when I open url localhost:8080 in chrome to watch debugging:

  1. first load I see empty file list
  2. second load: page not found.

On my nodeunit test I wrote debugger to stop on debug there. But nothing.

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In your tests insert debugger; command

exports['Main test'] = function(test){

    test.ok(true, 'Must be ok');

And start all this

$ node --debug-brk `which nodeunit` test.js

Now in browser press F8, then F10, and you are right on the next line after first debugger; command in your test.

But I prefer to start everything with node-supervisor, that restart test automatically when test finished or files in project directory changed:

$ npm -g install supervisor node-inspector

$ # console 1
$ # supervisor restarts node-inspector when it quits
$ # ignores file changes
$ supervisor -i . -x node-inspector .

$ # console 2
$ supervisor --debug-brk -- `which nodeunit` test/index.js
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Solution found:

  • in console: node --debug-brk `which nodeunit` ./path/To/My/NodeUnitTests/ (Attention: `which nodeunit` is in back quotes)

  • in another console: node-inspector &

  • And in google chrome open: Here I see nodeunit debuging from the start. Click continue execution several times in browser until jump to nodeunit test, where I have debugger; string. So I debugging my nodeunit test with nodeinspector

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