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I want to import a CSV file to Database table using SSIS package. Problem is the CSV file does not have trailing commas if the cell value is blank/null.

Example of CSV file:

1,NYC,New York,12345

Ideally it should have been:


SSIS Flat file connection only checks {CR}{LF} on the last column. Does anyone know any workaround to import this data using SSIS (i.e. without manual workaround)?


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Can you write to the input file? Perhaps a preceding "clean up the file" task to add additional commas. – Bill May 20 '13 at 16:30

My personal choice would be to do what Bill suggested in his comment. Pre-process the input file with a script task, which will add any missing commas to act as placeholders for your Flat File Source.

There are scenarios where this is not possible however. In such a case you could use the Script Component tool in your data flow task set up as a Source. A very good approach to what needs to be in that script can be found here:


This method is very flexible as it would deal with rows that have less number of columns coming in, as well as the cases where more columns might appear.

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