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I want to add a custom field to the Case object that is searchable by SOSL "FIND ... IN PHONE FIELDS" (ie it must be of type PHONE), and contains a copy of the Phone field in the Contact that is pointed at by Case.ContactId. I would like it ideally to stay up to date if the value in the Contact record is changed.

I have tried creating a custom Formula field, but it doesn't allow me to return 'PHONE' type from the formula.

I have tried creating a custom Phone field, into which one may enter a formula, but I haven't found a syntax that pulls the data from Contact.Phone, which is what I want. I tried simply entering


in the formula editor, and I get

Error: Field Contact does not exist. Check spelling.
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  1. Make a Contact_Phone__c field on Case (type = Phone).
  2. Make a new workflow rule on Case, condition ISBLANK(Contact_Phone__c) || ISCHANGED(ContactId).
  3. Attach to this workflow a new field update with formula Contact.Phone (no idea why it didn't want to work for you.
  4. Remember to activate the workflow.

It's still a bit naive as it won't kick in when you change the Contact's phone (it won't cascade down to all cases). You could read about cross-object workflows for that but I suspect you'll need a trigger...

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Thank you - it looks as if a trigger plus a set of workflow field updates will solve this. I am going to make the trigger update a single autoincrement field which will run the workflow - that should keep all the actual field copying point-and-click, thus more maintainable. –  FatalFlaw May 21 '13 at 9:37

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