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Just started using elasticSearch today. I was wondering if it would be possible to set in some kind of global parameter to use a certain field within a document as the ID always?

My JSON documents will always have it's own unique ID

  "Record ID": "a06b0000004SWbdAAG",
  "System Modstamp": "01/31/2013T07:46:02.000Z",
  "body": "Test Body"

Here I would like to use Record ID as the ID field.


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You want to use the path setting, see the docs here:


specifically something like this should work in your mapping:

    "your_mapping" : {
        "_id" : {
            "path" : "Record ID"

I've never tried having variable names split up though. You might want to camelcase or underscore them if you run into wierdness.

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When I am trying this i keep getting the error mapping type is missing. –  Cool Techie Aug 2 at 11:32
@CoolTechie You should id at the type level and not under properties. For eg: ppings": { "your_mapping" : { "_id" : { "path" : "Record ID" }, "properties": { "Record ID": { "type": "string" }, –  atulsm Oct 31 at 6:12

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