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I know this question is common, but actually I do many research for it and it still does not work. Please help me. I use NetBean, Eclipse and Ant script, but it does not. I can use the "run" command of ant but cannot with jar. Thanks in advance. My ant script is below:

<project name="Java" default="compile">
<property name="sourcedir" value="${basedir}/src"/>
<property name="targetdir" value="${basedir}/classes"/>
<property name="execdir" value="${basedir}/exec"/>
<property name="javadocdir" value="${basedir}/doc"/>
<property name="officialName" value="Pronunciation Application"/>
<property name="version" value=""/>

<target name="clean">
    <delete dir="${targetdir}"/>    
    <delete dir="${execdir}"/>  
    <mkdir dir="${targetdir}"/>
    <mkdir dir="${execdir}"/>
    <copy todir="${targetdir}/data">
        <fileset dir="${sourcedir}/data" />
    <copy todir="${targetdir}/lib">
        <fileset dir="${sourcedir}/lib" />
    <copy todir="${execdir}/data">
        <fileset dir="${sourcedir}/data" />
    <copy todir="${execdir}/lib">
        <fileset dir="${sourcedir}/lib" />

<target name="compile" depends="clean">     
    <javac srcdir="${sourcedir}" destdir="${targetdir}">
            <pathelement location="${sourcedir}/lib/jna-3.5.1.jar" />
            <pathelement location="${sourcedir}/lib/platform-3.5.1.jar" />
            <pathelement location="${sourcedir}/lib/vlcj-2.2.0.jar" />

<target name="jar" depends="compile">
    <jar destfile="${execdir}/pronunciationApp.jar" basedir="${targetdir}">
            <attribute name="Main-Class" value="home/MainClaz"/>
            <attribute name="Class-Path" value="lib/jna-3.5.1.jar"/>
            <attribute name="Class-Path" value="lib/platform-3.5.1.jar"/>
            <attribute name="Class-Path" value="lib/vlcj-2.2.0.jar"/>

<target name="run" depends="compile">
    <java fork="true" classname="home.MainClaz">
             <pathelement location="${targetdir}" />
             <pathelement location="${targetdir}/lib/jna-3.5.1.jar" />
             <pathelement location="${targetdir}/lib/platform-3.5.1.jar" />
             <pathelement location="${targetdir}/lib/vlcj-2.2.0.jar" />
        <arg line="${args}"/>

<target name="javadoc">
    <javadoc sourcepath="."
        doctitle="${officialName} ${version} API Documentation"

My structure of this application is: +src - data - Audios - *.mp3 - Videos - *.mov - Images - *.jpg - package1 - *.java - package2 - *.java - package3 - *.java +lib - *.jar

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I don't see any ant script here. – javadeveloper May 20 '13 at 16:26
Sorry guy, I'm struggling with posting my ant script in stackoverflow. – Tuan van Duong May 20 '13 at 16:26
Anyway, what do you mean by "runnable jar"? Does running your application with command java -jar yourjar.jar work? – javadeveloper May 20 '13 at 16:30
Follow your suggest, I got the error duplicate name. – Tuan van Duong May 20 '13 at 17:05
Change the attribute Class-Path into: <attribute name="Class-Path" value="lib/jna-3.5.1.jar lib/platform-3.5.1.jar lib/vlcj-2.2.0.jar"/> and I got the error URI is not hierrachical. – Tuan van Duong May 20 '13 at 17:11

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