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I'm currently having a problem with what seems like the Timer_Tick event interfering with the event handling for other controls within the UpdatePanel.

For now I have a Countdown label and some buttons inside an UpdatePanel. The Timer is outside the UpdatePanel and its Tick event is registered as a trigger for the panel. On every Tick, the Countdown's Text property is modified.

Whenever a button is clicked, a pop-up box will appear. However, I notice that if I click the button just when a Tick occurs, nothing happens. I'm assuming that it is because the Click event does not register while the UpdatePanel is in the process of rendering its updated contents.

Should I be using another type of timer instead? Is there a way to force the Click event to interrupt the Tick event? Or are there other ways to fix this issue?

Thank you.

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You can nest your UpdatePanels so that your Label has it's own UpdatePanel.

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Thanks for the suggestion, rick. I've tried doing that before but it didn't seem to work for me back then. However, it seems that it was because I left both UpdatePanels' update modes as Always instead of Conditional. I'm not too sure how the update modes actually cause the problem, but changing them to Conditional seems to be the fix. – Kronon Nov 3 '09 at 7:42

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