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I made a function to print all the comments from a id-page. But I want to protect my site from being hacked with htmlspecialchars. So I put them arround my post that will be printed. The problem is that it isn't working? I can do whatever I want with the <>-signs.


public function GetAllComments($id)
                    $db = new Db();

                $select = "SELECT * FROM tblcomments WHERE bug_id =" . $id . " ORDER BY comment_id DESC";
                $result = $db->conn->query($select);
                while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result))

                    echo "<li class='description'>" . htmlspecialchars($row["comment_text"]) . "</li>";
                    echo "<li class='user'>" . $row['name']  . "</li>";



if(isset($bugs)){ foreach ($bugs as $bug) {

echo "

  • " . $bug['bug_title'] . "" . $bug['bug_status'] . "From: " . $bug['name'] . "
    To: " . $bug['bug_to'] . "
    Project: " . $bug['project_title'] . "";
    } }

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    depends on what you want to save from you should use htmlspecialchars like this

    htmlspecialchars(trim($variable), ENT_QUOTES);
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