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I'd like to know how to create a regex to validate a function like this:


The first parameter should be any integer. The second parameter is an integer that shouldn't be higher than 4. The third parameter is a year (4 digits)

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Could you clarify on the first parameter, please? –  R. Martinho Fernandes Nov 3 '09 at 5:43
Done. I described all of them –  Raúl Roa Nov 3 '09 at 5:45

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Is this what you want?


It matches any number of digits (at least one) for the first parameter, any digit between 1 and 4 (included) for the second and any four digits for the last one.

Or, if you want to validate only the second parameter, this:


but I would prefer simple comparison for that, like this:

AND(x >= 1; x <= 4)
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I'm testing it but if I put a 2 or more digit on the first parameter I get false as the validation result. –  Raúl Roa Nov 3 '09 at 5:49
In the original post I missed a +. I fixed it in the meanwhile. Perhaps you didn't notice that? –  R. Martinho Fernandes Nov 3 '09 at 5:51
Excellent, thanks. –  Raúl Roa Nov 3 '09 at 5:54

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