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I am developing a Sencha touch application Can anyone please tell me how to navigate to another view when i tapped a button, also have to send a value to the specified view. Thank You!

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There are a few ways to navigate from one view to another. Please look at the below link and read the accepted answer.

How to switch a view container using Sencha Touch?

You can also use Navigation view in Sencha to navigate from one to another:


And if you want to pass a value from one view to another. For example, you want to send the value from a text field to other page's HTML. You can write something like this:

Ext.getCmp('ID OF THE SECOND VIEW').setHtml(Ext.getCmp('ID OF THE TEXT FIELD ').getValue());
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Thank you Geeniewanted...its working...I have a another question can you plz help me on that topic :stackoverflow.com/questions/16701189/… –  Aamin Khan May 22 '13 at 21:31

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