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What is the repository hook?

Hooks false. How does "hook installed" work?

I'm using Redmine 2.3.1 Redmine Git Hosting Plugin 0.6 Centos 6 Git 1.7.1

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The question is very obscure. I guess you mean Git hook scripts. These are scripts, which should run, when, e.g., a user commits to the repository. –  Andriy Lesyuk May 20 '13 at 18:06

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If you look, as an example, to the section "HowTo setup automatic refresh of repositories in Redmine on commit (Git)", you will see:

Simply add a post-receive (even on a Windows system, no extension is required) script file in the hooks sub-directory which contains the HTTP request call:


curl "http://<redmine url>/sys/fetch_changesets?key=<your service key>" 

Don't forget to make the file(s) executable on UNIXish systems, more information about Git hooks can be found in the githooks man page.

So "repository hooks" probably references your hooks subdirectory within your .git folder of your local repo.

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