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For my current purposes I have a maven project which creates a war file, and I want to see what the actual classpath is it is using when creating the war. Is there a way to do that in a single command -- without having to compile the entire project?

One idea is to have maven generate the target/classpath.properties file and then stop at that point.

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or call "mvn -e -X ...." and check the output...

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I don't think that solves the problem because showing errors and debug information doesn't help output the classpath being used. –  Alexander Bird May 20 '13 at 18:06
the debug information contains the whole classpath for each involved lifecycle plugin (incl. other things as well) –  Philip Helger May 20 '13 at 18:48

To get the classpath all by itself in a file, you can:

mvn dependency:build-classpath -Dmdep.outputFile=cp.txt

Or add this to the POM.XML:

              <!-- configure the plugin here -->

From: http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-dependency-plugin/usage.html

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mvn generate-sources will create the classpath.properties file and stop after that.

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mvn generate-sources generated nothing for me with maven version 3.0.5. Are there some assumptions/prereqs that are needed to make this work? –  HairOfTheDog Oct 23 '14 at 21:01

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