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So, I'm using 3to2 to port my Python 3.3 code back to version 2.x. I, believe, I correctly installed 3to2 by downloading the .tar.gz, cd to the file and running python3.3 setup.py build and then python3.3 setup.py install, so I don't think that is what is causing the issue.

The issue: the issue is that after I cd to the correct file, with the code I wish to use 3to2 on, I run 3to2 filename.py, which then returns the following:

 Checking Python version info...
 ERROR: 3to2 requires at least Python 2.7 in the 2.x branch.

Now, I have Python 3.3 installed, which I did myself and Python 2.7, which came pre-installed on my [Mac - OSX Lion 10.7.3] computer. Any ideas why this may be? Thanks!

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I feel your pain I spent the last hour troubleshooting this issue on my mac, below is what I did...

Open terminal, type :

brew install python

note : brew might mention that python is already installed, or that it's installed but unlinked... either way. Then type :

brew link --overwrite python

echo export PATH='/usr/local/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bash_profile

If this doesn't work try typing brew doctor, I would have never been able to fix my problem without it's feedback..

This fixed my problem, but there might another way...

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