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So, I went into the Sorcery source code and discovered that it already does, without telling anyone, what Devise recommends doing for testing purposes: Set BCrypt stretches to 1.

Woohoo. However, it's still rather painful to create users. Is there a way, with sorcery, to not hash at all when creating a user?

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You can set a config option for sorcery. In an initializer:

config.encryption_algorithm = :none

List of default providers here:

Config talked about here:

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Sorcery allows you to override the encryption provider. Just have a support file that sets User.custom_encryption_provider = Sorcery::CryptoProviders::SHA1, or similar.

Make sure that this is only used in tests, obviously. You still want strong bcrypt for production. It might not be a bad idea to have tests that perform user creation with bcrypt still in place, too, so you don't have a disparity between your test and production code.

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