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I need to access the xhr object when I call Backbone fetch.

My understanding from the docs is that all Backbone.sync methods return a jqXHR object.

However, when I do this...

var xhr = this.collection.fetch();
console.log( xhr );

...xhr is coming up "undefined". (The fetch call works as expected, and loads data from the server.)

Any ideas as to what I am missing?


My bad. The collection fetch prototype was being overridden elsewhere and was not returning the jqXHR object.

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Probably you have overrided Backbone.sync or fetch methods. In this case you have to return the super call. For example:

fetch : function () {
  // ...
  return Backbone.Model.prototype.fetch.apply(this, arguments);
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I believe you can catch the XHR object in the success callback function that you would have to pass to the fetch() function.

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