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I want to be able to translate a certain directory in my homedirectory on any OS to the actual absolute path on that OS e.g. (make-pathname :directory '(:absolute :home "directoryiwant") should be translated to "/home/weirdusername/directoryiwant" on a unixlike system.

What would be the function of choice to do that? As

      (make-pathname :directory '(:absolute :home "directoryiwant"))
> "~/"

does not actually do the deal.

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If you need something relative to your home directory, the Common Lisp functions user-homedir-pathname and merge-pathnames can help you:

CL-USER> (merge-pathnames 
           :directory '(:relative "directoryyouwant"))

The namestring functions (e.g., namestring, directory-namestring) work on this pathname as expected:

CL-USER> (directory-namestring
            :directory '(:relative "directoryyouwant"))
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CL-USER > (make-pathname :directory (append (pathname-directory
                                            (list "directoryiwant"))
                         :defaults (user-homedir-pathname))


The function NAMESTRING returns it as a string.

CL-USER > (namestring #P"/Users/joswig/directoryiwant/")
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