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I would like to write a regex in java which will find the shortest available match from both sides of the quantifier.

For example, for this pattern "a.*?b" apllied to "aaaaaacbbbbbbb":

i would like to find "acb" but i get "aaaaaacb".

Anyone has an idea which regex i can use for that?

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You want the shortest sequence that starts with an 'a' and ends with a 'b'. That means that between the initial 'a' and the final 'b'´, neither an'a'nor a'b'` may appear (otherwise there would be a shorter such sequence contained in the match), thus


would find a minimal such sequence (the first occurring in the searched string, or all such, depending on how you search).

I'm not au courant with the syntax of lazy vs. greedy matching, I think


would do the same, match an 'a', the minimal sequence of non-'a's until the next 'b' is found.

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@alex23 I'm not removing it, I'm matching all neither-a-nor-b-s between the a and the b. – Daniel Fischer May 20 '13 at 18:52

You could mimic reluctant matching from the start by discarding a greedy .*. In this case, this would become .*(a.*?b), if you get group number 1:

String example = "aaaaaacbbbbbbb";
Matcher m = Pattern.compile(".*(a.*?b)").matcher(example);
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