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I have a lot of errors in structure panel. The application compiles and run fine with Delphi 2007. But the code have much code that have red underlines. If I press Ctrl + leftclick on it it finds the original declaration. But it is still annoying to have all those errors.

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I have IDE Fix Pack installed, and still get incorrect error insight red lines regularly.

Some things which help (temporarily)

  • Close the project and delete *.local and *.identcache, then re-open the project.

  • When Loading a project, wait for the code-folding lines in the gutter to appear (before Delphi 2009, this indicates that the background compiler is finished)

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Thanks, remove those files seems to reduce the glutter a lot. – Roland Bengtsson Feb 5 '10 at 10:41

These are well-known IDE bugs. Have you tried the IDE Fix Pack?

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I am assuming you just want all the red underlines to go away:

Tools | Options | Editor Options | Code Insight

Then uncheck Error insight

That is for Delphi 2010, but I think it is very similar in Delphi 2007, but I don't currently have it installed.

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No I want them as it informs about errors in the code. Bit a shame it don't always work. – Roland Bengtsson Feb 5 '10 at 10:40
Unfortunately with D2009 nothing else helped me. So no underlines are better than 50% of the code marked red. – Heinrich Ulbricht Apr 6 '10 at 12:05

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