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How do I check the current line number that I'm stopped in when debugging with GDB? I would have thought this would be obvious (and maybe it is) but I don't see it on the GDB Cheat Sheet.

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Some digging around revealed the following methods:

  1. frame: This command was exactly what I was looking for. Output looked as follows:

    (gdb) frame
    #0  MyDialog::on_saveButton_clicked (this=0x72bf9e0) at src/ui/dialog/MyDialog.cxx:86
    86          _item->save();
  2. where or bt (same effect): This prints out the call stack, ending on the current line.

  3. list *$pc: This doesn't tell you the exact line but it prints out the surrounding lines with the current line in the center.
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I know you mention GDB but just as a suggestion have you tried using gdbtui? It has a nice terminal GUI that let's you see the current and surround lines. You can also scroll up down using the keyboard directional keys. –  Nobilis May 21 '13 at 3:12
@Nobilis Thanks for the tip! gdbtui looks pretty sweet! –  Freedom_Ben May 21 '13 at 4:12

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