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I am very to new to zend frame work , I am trying to set up a project (Done by other programmer) in my local server, but in this project the all links to another are not working?

Plss help me!!!!!!!!1

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Please read the faq on how to ask a question. There is not enough information provided for someone to help you. –  Goran Jurić Nov 3 '09 at 10:02

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I don't know where exactly relies your problem but it could be several things

  • make sure the rewriting is working properly (Apache settings, IIS settings, .htaccess). You check that by adding a die('I am in index.php'); in your index file and browse some urls
  • $frontController->setBaseUrl if your website is not at the root of the server your should set the baseurl to match that.

That's the two main reason that come to my mind now I would be glad to help more if you give more details...

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Just a guess. Since I had a problem that is a bit like this. You may need to set up your virtual host for this one. Maybe the old developer used a certain virtual host. That is why it is not working when you transfered it to your local machine

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Check your VirtualHost settings, then check .htaccess or post this files.

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