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Is there any way to remove all the breakpoints in Xcode?

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Well there's a 3 step way:

  1. Press CMD(⌘)+7 to show all breakpoints. In Xcode4 press CMD(⌘)+6, in Xcode3 press CMD(⌘)+ALT+B.
  2. Select all breakpoints with CMD(⌘)+A and delete them, like deleting text, with backspace.
  3. There's no step 3 :)
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In Xcode 4, this doesn't show or delete all breakpoints, just some of them. Try adding a breakpoint from the command line, and you'll see that it doesn't show up in this list. –  James Moore Mar 7 '13 at 22:33
On xcode 4.6.3 just go to breeakpoints tab on the left panel, select all using shift+click and delete them using delete key –  gerrytan Sep 26 '13 at 5:44
Upvote for step 3 :-D –  Simon Meier Apr 22 at 6:05

Its very easy to do in new Xcode. Just click on breakpointsenter image description here tap. See attach image for clear reference.

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It's a shame that someone doesn't know how to use keyboard shortcuts, or how to read –  mxg May 6 '14 at 16:38
@mxg hmmm. Don't make ur life complex by storing all shotcuts in brain. That's why apple made clear UI for xcode. Enjoy user interface :) –  iPhoneProcessor Sep 15 '14 at 18:59

Other ways:

  • Select Breakpoints group in Groups and Files tree, click in Detail view, Command-A, Delete
  • Disclose Breakpoints smartgroup in Groups and Files tree, shift- or command-select breakpoints in outline, press Delete
  • Run > Console, when app is paused, type "delete breakpoints" and press Return
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In Xcode 5, you can also do by right clicking the project name on the breakpoints tab and then you can see the options for deleting all breakpoints including disabling and sharing breakpoints.

enter image description here

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Additionally, you can customize your Toolbar and put the "Breakpoints" button there. Click this on/off will active/deactivate all breakpoints. While this doesn't remove them, it may be useful if you just don't want them to be hit for a run.

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In Xcode 4, in the debugger console, type "breakpoint delete" or "br del" for short:

(lldb) br del
About to delete all breakpoints, do you want to do that?: [Y/n] y
All breakpoints removed. (1 breakpoints)

You can't rely on the GUI breakpoint list, since nothing you enter from the command line will show up there.

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As an addition to mxg 's answer above:

in Xcode 5 it's been changed to CMD(⌘) + 7

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For Xcode 5: In ToolBar, select Navigate -> select Reveal in Project Navigator -> In Navigator area, select Show the Breakpoint Navigator.

Here, You can edit, hide/unhide, share, move the breakpoint for each and every class.

Note: Because of Xcode newbie's, am explained the steps from toolbar to show the Breakpoint Navigator.

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