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I have to split an input comma separated string and store the result in an array.

Following works great


for this example

 John, Doe       =>arr[0]="John"      arr[1]="Doe" 

But it fail to get following expected output

"John, Doe", Dan  =>arr[0]="John, Doe" arr[1]="Dan"
 John, "Doe, Dan" =>arr[0]="John"      arr[1]="Doe, Dan"

Following regex too didn't help

        var regExpPatternForDoubleQuotes="\"([^\"]*)\"";

The String could contain more than two double-quotes.

I am trying above in JavaScript.

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Thanks for link. Didn't know it was already answered. But the linked answered is very verbose and good one. The answer here is quick and short. I prefer the latter in my case. –  Watt May 20 '13 at 20:58

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This works:

var re = /[ ,]*"([^"]+)"|([^,]+)/g;
var match;
var str = 'John, "Doe, Dan"';
while (match = re.exec(str)) {
    console.log(match[1] || match[2]);

How it works:

    [ ,]*     # The regex first skips whitespaces and commas
    "([^"]+)" # Then tries to match a double-quoted string
    |([^,]+)  # Then a non quoted string
/g            # With the "g" flag, re.exec will start matching where it has
              # stopped last time

Try here: http://jsfiddle.net/Q5wvY/1/

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+1. This is what I needed. –  Watt May 20 '13 at 20:27

Try to use this pattern with the exec method:

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