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I have Sun's Message Queue 4.3. Default installation on localhost using imqbroker daemon. Opened one queue.

I want to consume messages written to the queue above from .NET.

I understood there is ActiveMQ solution, version 5.3. Checked ActiveMQ for .NET (version 1.1) and it works OK for ActiveMQ queues which are similar to Sun JMS.

My problem is that I want to bridge my existing Sun MQ 4.3 to an ActiveMQ queue and the documentation in is not very clear.

can someone point exactly how to map activemq's config file to bridge: Sun MQ queue named QUEUE1 on imqbroker@localhost:7676 (maybe jms port 1545? default install)


ActiveMQ queue named QUEUE2 on activemq:tcp://localhost:61616

I'm loosing it .... Thanx

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You can use Apache Camel JMS component to connect the different brokers:

AFAIK Camel is included in ActiveMQ.

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