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In my GAE app when the request page is appid.appspot.com/module?action=form using the code snippet below I am getting this ouput appid.appspot.com/_ah/upload/?action=form/fu6YsSdQIK6rzh9e3Q6t...fu6YsSdQIK6rzh9e3Q6t/


The URL I want to create should be like this


Is there a standard way to achieve this

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No, you have not read the documentation. You don't get to control the upload URL: the parameter you pass is where the browser gets redirected to after the upload. The upload destination is controlled by GAE itself and cannot be changed from your code.

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Sorry for the confusion, I do understand that I can't control the upload URL. I am concerned about the redirected URL which contains the request page query string "?action=form". I don't want this part to be added to URL automatically. Instead I want my own query string "?action=edit" –  Saqib May 21 '13 at 5:21

I had the same problem with my deployment. I don't know why it started happening with that setup beyond the fact that I was using a custom domain on the app (and removing it had no effect). In the end, though, it didn't seem to affect anything. Once I had my permissions set up right (oops) uploads worked fine despite the wonky URL.

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