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I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and SqlExpress to develop a windows application.

I have created a database and trying to create a Crystal report using it. But when I use the Wizard to create the Report( as I use OLE DB Provider for Sql Server) I get the following Error message:

Title of the error message:

Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer

Body of the error message says:

Not Implemented

Details:Error Code:0x

Source: ADODB.Connection

Description:Object or Provider is not capable of performing requested operation.

Can anyone help me out of this problem. I'm a very new person in this field, so it will be helpfull if you help me in details..

Thanks in Advance.

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This thread on MSDN indicates that for some this problem was caused by an unusual database name with special characters. Does yours contain something like . or @ ?

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No, i didnt use any special charactors. I could not connect the db while view the report. –  kumar Nov 3 '09 at 7:58

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