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I'm working on a jasper report which takes one parameter based on which it should have a different where clause. Below is the query I'm using but seems there's a syntax error somewhere.

  select customer.name
  from customer, customer
  where customer.orders > 0
    and customer_order.customer_id = customer.id
    and customer_order.name in
           case when (<paramter> = 1) then ('order1', 'order2')
           else  (select order_name from customer_order)

I appreciate any help, thanks

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You can dynamically create any part of a query using parameter as placeholder .

1) Lets say you have a parameter param1 which is the actual parameter

2) Create another parameter say param2 which has the epression like $P{param1}.longValue () == 1 ? " and field1= " : " and field1 = "

3) Use param2 as a placeholder in the query

        blah blah
        blah blha
        blah blah

Now , depending upon the param1 value you where clause may look like

            blah blah
            and field1=  <exp1>

            blah blah
            and field1=  <exp2>
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You can't write the query like this. Here is an alternative:

where . . .
      ((<parameter> = 1) and customer_order.name in ('order1', 'order2') or
       (<parameter> <> 1) and customer_order.name in (select order_name from customer_order)

This is assuming that <parameter> is not NULL. If that is allowed, you need to add this into the logic.

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