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I'd like to find all cases where a c++ method doesn't end with "NULL);" (any number of spaces between the NULL and the ) and the ; should still let it match).

my code is:

Dir['**/*'].select { |f| File.file?(f) } .map {
   |file| a=File.open(file).read 
   puts a.grep(/begin((?!NULL\s*\)\s*;).)+;/m)

I'd like it to match lines like:


anything in here but a paren any number of spaces semicolon

but not match

somestuff that doesn't matter NULL);

and not match

somestuff that doesn't matter 

The problem is that my code currently only matches single lines.

Rubular for it is here: http://rubular.com/r/Ex9kmQLecH

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I ended up doing a hacky solution, I never could get the multiline stuff to work.

Dir['**/*'].select { |f| File.file?(f) } .map {
   |file| a=File.open(file).read 
   a.gsub("\n"," ")
   puts a.grep(/begin((?!NULL\s*\)\s*;).)+;/)
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